Facilities Task Force Findings

Safety & Security Findings

While all of the buildings have some level of front door security, visitors at all buildings but the Middle School are still expected to check in at the main office on the honor system.

The current facilities have gaps in emergency communication. Many areas of buildings do not have camera coverage and some locations do not have access to announcements.

McKinley and the elementary schools have issues with site safety. Busses and parents are mixed with street traffic leading to unsafe conditions for students.


Safety and Security Needs Statements:

  • Every facility in the District needs to have a secure entrance to control and screen visitors.
  • All facilities need updated and/or additional security technology for monitoring and surveillance to support student, staff and community safety.
  • Every facility in the District needs to have pick-up/drop-off procedures that are safe for students, staff and community members. Bus and parent drop-off traffic need be separated.

Educational Alignment Findings:

Enrollment in the District is projected to decline over the next 5 years.

Educational programming and the corresponding space needs have changed since the buildings were built. Today’s schools have a multitude of new programs and educational objectives that are needed to prepare students for the 21st century. Some are mandated by the state and federal government, others are specific to the needs of Faribault’s learners.

The facilities need to support the educational mission and vision of the District and the communities of Faribault Public Schools to meet the needs of all learners.

Educational Alignment Needs Statements:

  • New educational demands to prepare students for the future, such as differentiation of instruction, and both career and college readiness, are essential; the facilities should support these initiatives.
  • The elementary schools need appropriate spaces for...
  • Special Services
  • Reading and Math Intervention
  • Support Services
  • Social Worker
  • Mental Health
  • School Psychologist
  • Title Services
  • Behavior Support
  • Success Coach
  • EL Services
  • Gifted & Talented
  • Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy
  • Cultural and Community Liaisons
  • The District needs plan for some reduced enrollment, while also taking into account any future changes in enrollment.

Early Learning Findings:

McKinley Early Childhood center is the oldest building in the District. It has a number of deficiencies as a building. Code compliance, antiquated systems, and spaces that were designed for a different time are all issues that should be addressed.

Early Childhood education has been identified as an important part of the public school’s mission. It both helps serve the needs of young families in our community as well as preparing our most needy learners to be successful as they enter kindergarten.

The District currently has a waiting list for early childhood programs. In addition the State has been providing additional funding for these important programs. The District must prepare itself to take advantage of this funding by making space to offer services to more students.

The District is currently seeing many families to choose other school options. Exposing them to District programs before kindergarten may help retain them as they enroll in kindergarten.

Early Learning Needs Statements:

  • The District needs to accommodate the current waiting list and plan space to meet the existing need and plan for additional state and federal funding if it becomes available.
  • Appropriate restrooms facilities for early learners and the staff in the building is needed.
  • The District needs to provide reasonable spaces for staff and the programs needed to meet the needs of our youngest learners.


Building Maintenance Findings:

The State system of funding is not set up to provide adequate support to properly maintain school facilities. The funding the District does receive (Long Term Facilities Maintenance) does not keep pace with the current maintenance needs. An investment is needed to catch up on maintenance needs.

The 2009 Bond Referendum focused on $15M of an identified $30M facility maintenance improvements, including mechanical systems and roofing across much of the District. This referendum updated many systems in the District, but not address all needs. Portions of our buildings and systems have not been updated since the buildings were originally built. In some cases 60 years ago.

The appearance of the buildings can influence the perception of both users and the community.

Building Maintenance Needs Statements:

  • Learning environments need to have good indoor air and water quality and be healthy for students and staff.
  • Students, staff and the community need facilities that create a sense of school pride.
  • Energy efficiency, code compliance and accessibility deficiencies are high priorities to be addressed.
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