DE Important Information

Must be 15 on or before the last date of the class
Must be pre-registered. Pre-registration includes payment for the class and then signing up for the session of your choice.
You must be in attendance for the first class session. If you miss for any reason, you will need to enroll in the next available class.

Special needs requests:
If your child receives special education services through Faribault Public Schools and may need supplementary aides and services to access and participation in Driver Education, please contact the child's case manager at the High School to set up an IEP meeting to make a determination if services are required. If you have further questions or concerns, contact the office of Special Services at 507-333-6004.

Driver Education costs are $395.00
At the time of registration, you can pay the full $395 or opt for the two-payment option. The two-payment option requires $155 at the time of registration for classroom and $240 for Behind-the Wheel one week before your classroom session begins. The cost for taking classroom elsewhere and taking BTW sessions at FHS is $300.

Money will be forfeited for:
Discipline reasons, failure to complete the requirements of the course, or missing two or more days of class.  If you fail to attend the class for which you are registered: a drop/add fee of $50 will be assessed to register for another class; if money is refunded, $50 will be subtracted from the original registration fee.

State law requires that each student completes 30 hours of the classroom portion of Driver Education.  Our classes last for three hours on a ten day schedule. Classroom sessions are offered at various times throughout the school year. Check the bulletin board in the front entry of FHS for classroom session offerings.
During the school year, classroom sessions are held after school from 3:20-6:20 pm.  During summer vacation, classroom sessions are held in the morning from 8:00-11:00 am, or in the afternoon, from 12:30-3:30 pm.  If school is canceled, so is your Driver Education Class.

Course Completion:
A blue card will be issued upon successful course completion.  Students must be registered in the Behind-the-Wheel portion of Driver Education before they can be issued a blue card.  The Driver's Education Coordinator will register students for Behind-the-Wheel during the last half of the class session.  Sign-up includes payment for Behind-the-Wheel if students haven't prepaid for the entire program.  If paying by check, the fee is $235 made out to Faribault Public Schools .

Permit Test - You must have the following items to take your permit test: blue card, official birth certificate, secondary ID or SS card, $12, glasses or contacts if applicable.

If one day is missed during the class, it is the responsibility of the student to make up that day.  The same day that was missed, must be made up during another class session before a blue card is issued. You may repeat the class once without paying an additional fee if your absence from class was due to an illness or a family emergency.

Students are scheduled for Behind-the-Wheel instruction on a priority list, dating back from when you passed the permit test. If students wish to take Behind-the-Wheel elsewhere, a letter of course completion will be issued to the student within ten working days of course completion.  It is the student's responsibility, then, to get their blue card elsewhere.

Behind-the-Wheel Driver Education Requirements
Students will be given the opportunity to take the permit test at FHS following successful course completion. If students don't take their permit test at this time, or they do not pass the permit test the first time, they must take the permit test at the Driver Exam Station. Contact the Driver Exam Station at 507-332-7985. State law requires six hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction.

Missed Lessons- Remember to bring your permit every time.  Failure to have your permit with you when taking instruction, will result in you not being able to drive that day.  An additional cost of $50 per hour of instruction missed, must be paid before the student can complete Behind-the-Wheel instruction.  No white card will be issued until payment is made. Once you've agreed to a six lesson schedule, missed lessons will cost you $50/hour, unless it's an emergency, or you've personally talked with your instructor and have been excused.  Payment is made to FHS. Please meet at the front doors of FHS. 

Time: Students may elect to take Behind-the-Wheel instruction during the school year or during the summer.
School year-  After school instruction is available. Evening students will be allowed to take Behind-the-Wheel instruction during the day when an instructor is available.

Summer-   Students will receive six hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction in 6 days.  We will try to accommodate student needs in scheduling as much as possible.

Course Completion: Once the student has completed six hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction, they will be issued a white card from their instructor.  The white card must be presented to the examiner before taking the road test.  Please schedule your road test in advance by calling the Driver Exam Station at 507-332-7985, or go to to register online.

Please keep your white card in a safe place where you won't lose it.  A duplicate will be issued by calling the Driver Education Coordinator at 507-333-6217.  Allow a minimum of five working days from the time of the request, to be issued a new white card.  Cost is $10 for a duplicate card.

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