Communications & Public Relations

Communication & Public Relations

The Faribault Public Schools communications department is responsible for the coordination and oversight of the district’s communications efforts. The department supports the district’s fifth strategy, Family and Community Engagement, by keeping families and the community informed about the educational opportunities in our schools, the innovative programming taking place in our classrooms, and the great work of our students and staff.

Faribault Public Schools communicates with a variety of stakeholders in District 656, including students, families, staff and community members. The department works to effectively share information through a variety of channels and capacities, including: Community engagement, internal communications, marketing, media relations, notifications and alerts, publications, public relations, social media, our Falcon App and our websites.

All communications sent out by the district will be provided in English, Spanish and Somali. For additional language support, contact the Faribault Education Center at 507-333-6472.

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Faribault Public Schools ensures the protection of student and employee privacy and will not release any information that may reveal a student’s identity; will respect the privacy of its teachers and employees and will not release any personal or personnel-related information unless required by law; will not comment on any case that is before the courts; and will refer all questions related to police investigations to proper authority. 


If you would like to receive district press releases you can join the Email group by doing the following:

  • Click here to join the group ( this will open your Email)
  • Type or copy and paste "Join Email Group" into the subject line
  • Send Email (Please let us know if you need any assistance)



Faribault Public Schools recognizes the responsibility of the news media to provide accurate and timely information to the community concerning issues and events that occur in our schools. While we are committed to cooperating with the news media request for access to our schools and students, we are also obligated to protect the privacy of students and employees.

To help facilitate media requests, we ask media to contact Community Relations Coordinator Matt Steichen:
507-333-6152 | Email

If you want access or permission to use the Falcon logo, contact Community Relations Coordinator Matt Steichen.


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