Medication and Treatments


Whenever possible, parents and guardians should make arrangements so that it is not necessary for the school personnel to administer medication to a student.  If a student is to take medication during the day at school it's important to follow these guidelines:     

  • Written parental permission authorizing the nurse or delegated school personnel to administer the medication.  
  • Written order from the physician indicating the necessity of any   prescription or over-the-counter medication, including the dose and how often it can be given.   
  • Medication must be in the original labeled container. Prescription medication must have the pharmacy label with phone number of pharmacy, students name, physicians name, medications name, dosage, time to be given, and route of administration.  A pharmacist can supply a duplicate labeled container so one can kept at home and one kept at school. Administration of any over-the-counter medication follows the same guidelines as the prescription medications. Over-the-counter medications must come in the original unopened container.   

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and Ibuprofen Authorization

Written parental permission must be received to administer acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen products.  Medications must be furnished by the family and brought to school in the original unopened container and property labeled with the students first and last name. These forms are available from the school health office or can be accessed by selecting the links to the right.  

  • All medication is to be brought in by an adult directly to the health office. Please do not put any medication in your child's bag.    
  • Any medication found will be kept in the health office and parent will need to pick up.  
  • No medication is given if it is not in the original container and without the proper documentation.  
  • Medication must be picked up the last day of school or within two weeks of discontinue.  All medications will be destroyed if not picked up within this time.  

Medications that are to be administered at school are to be kept in the Health Office.  

Exceptions are students who may carry their asthma inhaler or epipen IF they have written doctor's order AND written parental permission to do so, AND have demonstrated to the health office nurse competency in administration.  

Health Services can refuse to administer medications to students if they feel it is unsafe.  If the school nurse or health office staff feel it is unsafe to administer a medication, they will notify the District Health Nurse, principal and parent as soon as possible.