Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Why did Faribault Public Schools choose iPads?   It was determined that the iPad is presently the tool with the greatest potential to meet the individual needs of our students and to provide a smooth integration into the district’s technology environment.   

What grade levels will receive the iPad?  All students in grades 6-12 will receive an iPad Air 6th Generation (32GB) to take home.

What if my student already has an iPad, can they use this instead? No, in order monitor the devices and manage apps, we require that a school district issued device be used.  

Can I opt out of my student receiving an ipad?  Just as student cannot opt out of receiving a textbook, opting out of this technology is not recommended. The iPad will be a necessary resource for coursework submission and content delivery in the classroom. We strongly encourage parents do not opt out and discuss concerns with building administration.

IPAD Protection Plan

What is the cost to families? Faribault Schools will be offering an iPad protection plan program to help cover the cost of accidental damage, breakage or loss.  The annual insurance payment will use the following scale.  

Payment Table

Annual Cost

Maximum Family Cap

Base Rate



Reduced Lunch Rate



Free Lunch Rate



What if the iPad is damaged? Accidental damage or repair will be covered for families who successful complete enrollment in the protection plan.  Repair costs will be billed to families not choosing the protection plan option.

What if the iPad is lost or stolen?  If the iPad is missing or stolen, please report immediately to the media center technology or school office. The technology department will assist in trying to find the device.   In case of theft or criminal acts, a police or fire report MUST be filed and a copy provided to the District Technology Coordinator. The student must be enrolled in the protection plan and submit a police report to receive a replacement iPad due to theft or fire damage. Do not leave the iPad unattended. The iPad protection plan will not cover loss of the iPad. It will be the student and family responsibility to replace or recover the loss of the iPad.

Apps and Apple ID’s

What is an Apple ID?  An Apple ID is a unique username used on all Apple devices to enable iCloud backups.  Starting in the Fall of 2016 the student will use a school issued Apple ID. Personal Apple ID's will not be permitted.

We have a family Apple ID, can my student use this as their Apple ID? No, shared Apple ID’s are not allowed.  This will cause conflict with downloading apps.

Will my student be able to download apps from the App Store?  No, students will only be able to download school approved apps from the self service app. Home Use

Will my student be able to access unsafe or inappropriate material online with the iPad?

When students are using the school issued iPads at school, they will be subject to district content filters that restrict student access to unsafe or inappropriate material. It is the responsibility of the student to use the iPad appropriately.

There will be no filtering options to iPads off of our school network.  Parents and/or guardians will need to monitor online content when the iPads are used at home.  It is recommended that the students use the iPad in a common area of the home where they can be seen by parents.  Devices should not be used in bedrooms or behind closed doors.  Resources such as Common Sense Media  and iKeepSafe have helpful information for families on responsible digital use. We recommend that families discuss with their student responsible and appropriate online behavior.

What accommodations will be given to students who do not have Internet access at home?

Many features of an iPad do not require access to the Internet. Students can work on projects at home and do online access when at school. There are also locations in our community where students can connect to the Internet through free wireless access, such as public libraries.  


Who do I contact if I have more questions?  Please email, Maria Hanson, District Technology Coordinator at

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