Distance Learning

For the health and safety of all students, staff and families, we are engaging in distance learning for all PreK-12 students through winter break. We have improved upon the distance learning that took place in the spring when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Our staff is prepared to support the academic and social-emotional needs of every student. 

During distance learning, students will learn from home five days per week following a consistent schedule. Their day will feature a combination of self-paced learning and guided instruction. For more information on distance learning, view our distance learning expectations documents below. 

We are dedicated to ensuring all students have equal access to education, resources, information and support. We will provide specialized support for students who may face higher barriers. On-site support will continue for our special services students.

In-person learning is scheduled to resume after winter break. This decision will be made by our district Incident Command Center team, comprised of administrators, teachers, paras, secretaries, school nurses and a school board member, in consultation with public health officials. The team will consider several data points to determine when it’s safe for in-person learning to resume. 



Distance Learning Expectations & Learning Models


For more information on our response to the Covid-19 pandemic, visit our COVID-19 Preparedness page.