Faribault Falcons,

I am honored to be the Superintendent of Faribault Public Schools and to continue serving the staff, students and families in our community. Our Falcon staff is truly the best of the best and we are ever-learning and improving so that we can meet the needs of every student.

Over the past nine years, I have seen tremendous growth in our district. Some notable advancements include the implementation of the Ninth Grade Academy, the seven-period day, Pathways of Excellence, Falcons Online Academy, increased elective offerings, Summer STEAM, technological improvements, improvements in our buildings and grounds, tremendous expansion of our community educations programs and our pre-K programming,  and so much more. 

At Faribault Public Schools, these strategies are our driving force, the foundation of everything we do:

  • Student-Centered Learning: We will address individual student learning in innovative and challenging ways. 

  • Equity: We will commit to a high-quality education for every student. 

  • Mental Health and Safety: We will ensure our schools focus on the social and emotional well-being and safety of students and staff. 

  • School Climate: We will foster unity, respect, and connectedness within our schools. 

  • Family and Community Engagement: We will engage families and the community to help our students grow as learners and citizens. 

We will continue to advance the district following our strategic plan and mission. The safety and prosperity of our students remains our top priority. 

I look forward to serving Faribault Public Schools for this school year and beyond.


Jamie Bente, Superintendent of Faribault Public Schools


Faribault Public Schools Leadership Team

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