Teaching & Learning

Faribault Public Schools offers a comprehensive Early Childhood through Twelfth Grade curriculum.

The success of every student is obviously of importance to all us at Faribault Public Schools. In addition to the traditional subject areas such as mathematics, reading, science, and social studies, your child can become a quality learner who understands the importance of excellence.

Your child will learn to work as a team member who applies creative and critical thinking skills to solve problems. Your child will also become a self-directed learner understanding responsibility to community and the world.

Each child has different interests, distinctive talents, and a promising future. The staff at Faribault Public Schools, working in partnership with you, will provide your child the skills needed to build a successful future.

We appreciate the significance of you entrusting us with your child’s education. We continue to look at Best Practice teaching strategies that will produce not only quality learners, but educators as well.





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