The mission of the Faribault Area Public Schools Educational Trust Association (FAPSETA), the Falcon Scholarship Fund and Falcon Educational Enrichment Program (FEEP) is to provide a source of funds to assist in meeting the ongoing educational goals Faribault Public Schools students.


Established in 1986, the Faribault Area Public Schools Educational Trust Association functions as a separate, tax-exempt entity that works closely with Independent School District 656 in the administration of the Trust's activities. The board of directors is made up of business, education and community members who have a vested interest in the youth of this community. 

Annual Meeting:

The annual board meeting of the Faribault Area Public School Educational Trust Association will be held on Thursday, January 11, 2024 at noon via ZOOM.

If interested, please contact:
Kathy Zavoral 
Jerry Robicheau




The Cost of Education Continues to Escalate

Because costs of higher education continue to increase and financial support for K-12 programs lag behind growing needs, FAPSETA seeks to secure funds to help meet these needs. The Falcon Scholarship Funds focuses its activity on granting scholarships for graduating students.


The community unites to help its own and rallies around those seeking higher education to give them a boost and ensure they reach their highest potential.

Students benefit from the recognition and community members share in the pride and excitement of contributing to their future success. Many have contributed generously and we have awarded over $1,246,000 to nearly 1,200 students.

For a contribution of $20,000 or more, contributors may have a named scholarship awarded, as earnings allow.

The Falcon Educational Enrichment Program (FEEP) secures support for specific classroom and learning opportunities that are beyond regular classroom financial support. Teachers may apply for these funds, and a screening committee determines the amount and the programs that will be funded.



The FEEP Program Committee will meet to review requests on the first Tuesday of the month (November, February and April). Requests must be received by Kathy Zavoral at the District Office by the 20th of October, January or March each year.  Requests may be hard copy or scanned and emailed to Kathy Zavoral. Request forms can be found on the district website under the “Teaching and Learning/FAPSETA and FEEP” tab.  Staff completing request applications should plan to present their request to the committee at the quarterly meeting.

If your request is approved, you are responsible for notifying FEEP of any variation from the original grant request. If the approved funds are not used within the fiscal year, they return to FEEP, and the requestor may re-apply the following year. You may be asked to provide follow-up information and/or attend a FEEP sponsored event to present how the grant was utilized, and how it benefited students. Changes may be made to these guidelines and requirements at the discretion of the FEEP Program Committee. FEEP will not fund staff salaries, workshop fees for staff, furniture or property or equipment maintenance or field trips.


Mail your tax-deductible gift to:

The Faribault Area Public School Educational Trust Association
710 17th St. SW
Faribault, MN 55021

For more information contact Brent Peroutka at 507-332-8012

To gift appreciated assets, or for further information contact Treasurer Heidi Oanes at 507-333-6190


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